Wednesday, 31 October 2012

GIVEAWAY: OASAP Peter Pan Collar Dress

Who wants to win this super cute peter pan collar dress?  Well here's your chance, and the rules are simple, but only open to UK residents only I'm afraid:

For entry (mandatory):
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Leave a comment on this post with the email address which must be the same one used for registering Oasap account.

For extra entries (optional):
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**Leave separate comments below every 'optional' entry for a bigger chance to win**

Simples!  I will be announcing the winner Sunday 11th November. Good Luck everyone!!!
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

✪ Hocus Pocus ✪

I know Halloween isn't until Wednesday, and it's not actually that huge over here in the UK, but I just love an excuse for fancy dress and pumpkin carving.  My bro and I have become a carving tag team, I do the stencilling and my bro does the elbow work and carves the design. 

What do you think of our pumpkins this year?  Have you guys been pumpkin carving yet?

This weekend I went to a Halloween party in Hoxton Docks put on by the Kigu crew called Horrors of the Deep.  If you haven't heard of Kigu before, they are company who make amazing and cute animal onsies, the word ‘Kigu’ is short for ‘kigurumi’, which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese.

As you can probably tell by the name of the party 'Horrors of the Deep' the theme was sea related, however I had been wanting to try my hand at a Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull face painting, so though keeping Halloween-y I didn't stick to the sea theme at all.  

And here is the result, I'm pretty proud of myself and love all the pretty colours - what do you guy think?

The party itself I'm afraid to say wasn't the greatest, I mean they did have everything promised, but the drink and music selection wasn't the best and the venue was pretty much empty until well past midnight.  Luckily I was with a good bunch of people and made our own fun.  Has anyone else got a Halloween party planned?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

☂ Grey Skies ☂

 Denim Jacket & Necklace - H&M | Jumper - Primark | Leggings - Marks & Spencer | Hat - Market | Boots - New Look
Rings L - R - 18th Birthday Present, So Hi Soho, Accessorize, Birthday Present, So Hi Soho | Nails - Barry M - Rasberry

The rain just won't go away!  It's been grey and miserable all week, though apparently next week it may get up to 21°C ... we shall see.  Secretly I'm quite sad as I do love my woollies.

Last weekend I was in Warsaw, Poland with my Mumma visiting my sister for her birthday, it was really nice little break discovering a new city.  To be fair there wasn't an awful lot too see, but it was a cute old school city with beautiful architecture and net curtain clad restaurants, really nice wandering around in the cool Autumn air.  Check out my Flickr for some photo's of the trip.

What have you guys been up to?

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fishtails and Collars

 Top, Tights & Socks - Primark | Vest Top - H&M | Rhino Ring - Rokit | Boots - Office

OK, OK as I said before these are my favourite boots and as you can see they have been stuck on my feet since the weather has started to turn.  Though there is quite a lot going on in this outfit, I think because all the details are quite subtle it isn't too overwhelming.  

There are just soooo many pretty collars around at the moment, you can't pass a shop window without a collar catching your eye, I can see this being somewhat dangerous, and my wardrobe possibly bursting! Uh-oh

In other other news, I'm off to Warsaw Poland this weekend with my Mumma to visit my sisters who's on a work placement.  I've only every stopped off in Warsaw before, so not really sure what to expect, but I do love a little adventure.  Anyone else jetting off anywhere soon?

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

✧ It's a London thing ✧

Shirt, Vest Top, Skirt, Tights & Ring - H&M | Cardigan & Hair doughnut - Primark | Tie - DIY | Boots - Office

Woah, I did not realise I was wearing pretty much all H&M until I listed it out.  Honestly though, I never really think about what brand I'm wearing, it's more about if it goes together or not that's important.

This weekend has been rather spontaneous starting with a visit to the Hunterian Museum, it's pretty creepy but interesting with lots of dissected animals - or bits of animals in jars.  We mooched around for a while and some how found ourselves in The Owl & Pussycat in Shoreditch which is a cool and chilled out pub down some backstreet.  Next up was chow time with scrummy Vietnamese food at Mient Tay which I have to say serves the most authentic and delicious Vietnamese cuisine - I highly recommend you take a visit, one of the BEST in London.  The evening started winding down in Belsize Park in some (s)wanky bar and then back to a mates for a mini house party. 

So as you can see, pretty random and adventurous Saturday traveling allover London and as a bonus - no rain!  I really do love a bit a randomness at the weekends - what have you guys been up to this weekend?

Speak Soon xxx
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Don't Let Me Go

T-shirt - New York | Shorts - Vintage Wrangler | Tights - Primark | Boots - Office

Can anyone tell I'm still lusting to be back in NY?  I know it's overkill but I really do love the I ♥ NY T-shirts even if they are super tacky - I think as long as you don't go OTT you can pull it off - what do you guys think?

I'm so glad it's boot weather because I do love my boots - I have about 7 pairs, but these beauties are my favourite.  Though rather 'grungy' I think the go well with anything, and that's exactly how I wear them - with anything.

Face - MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, Clinique Superbalanced Powder Make-Up | Cheeks - MAC Fleur Power | Eyes - inner half - MAC Blanc Type, outer corner a mix of green and purple Topshop pallet with no name - sorry! Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black

I'm also starting to experiment again with eyeshadow, at uni I was a total eyeshadow fiend and I would wear any colour from orange to lime green.  This all changed when I went traveling for a year and couldn't take my makeup collection with me, but I have decided I need a change again and have started mixing it up.  This is my attempt at 'peacock' eyeshadow - what do you think of the results?  PS. I have just switched from MAC's Blacktrack gel liner to Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black, and boy is it good!  Highly recommend this baby as it is as good as MAC and a fraction of the price.

Speak Soon xxx
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