Monday, 25 June 2012

♡ Rainbows and Butterflies ♡

Cardigan & Necklace - Primark | Vest Top, Skirt & large Ring - H&M | Shoes - New Look
Nails - Barry M - Mint Green | Barry M - Grey | Nail Stickers - Ebay seller

I forgot to post any pic's of these lovely nails last week and couldn't let another day go by without showing them off.  I have to say I am rather chuffed with how they turned out as I'm usually pretty impatiant when it comes to nail stickers and I can never wait til they're completely dry so end up pulling all the nail polish off.  However this time I managed to hold off and they came out pretty swanky if I do say so myself, what do you think?

This weekend I spent my time browsing markets, Saturday I spent wandering the packed streets of Portobello Market taking lots of pictures with my vintage lomo-lca which I hope to develop soon and show you lovely folk.  Then on Sunday my Ma and I took a little trip down to Spitafields and Bricklane Markets and I nabbed my self 2 pairs of vintage high-waiste shorts for the bargain price of £26 which again I will be showing off soon.  I've been after a pair for AGES, since last year in fact, but it's quite hard to find the right cut and fit AND ensuring my butt cheeks aren't hanging out the back.  What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Speak Soon xxx

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

◆ She's my Japanese Girl ◆

 Top - H&M | Skirt, Jacket & Necklace - Primark | Wedges - New Look

My mission for the Summer, despite the rain, was to find wedges that weren't too high so I could wear them on a daily basis.  It was just my luck that Geisha wedges are all the rage at the moment and they were surprisingly easy to come by - which never usually happens to me.

I picked up these rather cute bad boys up from New Look, though the height is perfect, and I could prance around the shop in them fine, when it came to actually wearing them to work they cut my feet to shreds!  Which was annoying as when I tested them out they didn't feel like the would hurt anywhere - if you know what I mean?  Anyhow, I really do hate breaking shoes in, I wish they were just comfy automatically - what about you guys?  Does anyone have any tips to breaking in shoes quickly and pain free?  Here's hoping next time I wear them they're super comfy!

What has been on your shopping list for the Summer?

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Top, Necklace & Jeans - Topshop | Belt - Camden Market | Bandana - Some random Market | Shoes - Office

Just a quick post reminiscing on the less rainy days in London.  This is a super simple outfit, but I do really like it for some reason, I think it's the pop of the red shoes and bra strap.

Being back at work after 9 days off feels like going back to school after Summer holidays - you know when you think you've forgotten how to write?  Anyone else ever get that?

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Friday, 8 June 2012


Vest Top - H&M | Skirt - Vintage | Slip - Marks and Spencer | Boots - Primark

Summer sure is struggling to take off here in the UK at the moment, it's been so up and down with days of sunshine and 25°C to constant downpours and gusty winds - not so fun.  So when the sun does shine I try and make the most of it and finally had a chance to wear this lovely vintage sheer pink midi skirt.  I've also been really getting into slips recently - there just so darned practical!  I know I sound about 50 right now, but seriously if you try them out, you'll never go back, especially is you find really pretty ones.  

 Nail Polish - Barry M - Dusky Mauve
 Face - MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, Clinique Superbalanced Powder Make-Up | Cheeks - MAC Pinch O Peach | Eyes - inner corner - MAC Blanc Type, rest of lid - MAC Groundwork Paint Pot, MAC Arena eyeshadow, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack | Highlighter - Benifit High Beam

After spying the MAC Bafta event all over blogshphere I immediately fell in love with the more subtle look and decided to give it a go myself with a little twist.  What do you think of the results?

What do you guys think of this kind of FOTD post?  Would you like to see more of this kind of thing?  Do let me know.

Speak Soon xxxx
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

☆ Jubilee Celebrations ☆

Sorry I've been absent again for quite so long, life keeps getting in the way!  As many of you know it was The Queen's Diamond Jubilee here in the UK, it was a long weekend of celebrations starting on Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June.  Communities and neighborhoods came together to celebrate in the streets 60 years of The Queen's reign.  Now I'm not that overly royalist but I got really swept up in the moment and this weekend I took to the streets with a Union flag and celebrated in style with street parties, swing parties, dancing around the living room to the Jubilee concert and watching the Queen wave and the flyover in Hyde Park - it was so much fun and typically English with our umbrellas, and now I'm sad to see it end.  How did you guys celebrate?

There were however consequences to so all the fun - I had my iPhone stolen again :(  that's a record 3 times within 6 months.... boooo!

Here's a quick snap of an outfit I wore during the Bank Holiday Weekend (red white and blue of course!):
 Cardigan, Top, Tights, Necklace & Boots - H&M | Skirt - Oasis | Headscarf - Vintage

Did anyone else wear patriotic colours during the weekend?
Speak Soon xxx

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