Monday, 4 February 2013

Back in my Day

Cardigan - Vintage | Top & Skirt - H&M | Tights & Socks - Primark | Belt - Stolen from another dress | Boots - Zara

I know I said I didn't like this skirt a couple of posts ago, however I think it works much better with boots as opposed to shoes - what do you think? Or maybe it's the darker tights, who knows, but it's back in my good books. 

Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year (Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!), though it was a really wet and cold day, there was still lots to do.

My Ma and me started the day by popping by The Vintage Flea Market, I think we arrived too late as the stalls were pretty bare.  The thing about 'Vintage' fairs, they're all so expensive and packed nowadays as they're so popular, gone are the days when they were simply known as jumble sales and you could find that hidden gem.  Even charity shops (well at least in London) have cottoned on and there are no more 50p bargains! sheesh - does anyone know any places to find good bargains in London?

In the afternoon we headed to our favourite Dim Sum restaurant - Royal China, where we met up with by Bro and Pa and stuffed ourselves silly with dumplings.  Everything was scrummy but if you do go, you must try the BBQ pork puffs - sticky, sweet with crumbly pastry - to die for!  Did anyone else do anything for Chinese New Year?

Speak Soon xxx

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chop Chop

And so I present to you my new do, I mean it's nothing particularly special or different, but it is around 5inch shorter and now dye free, and I'm loving it.

I haven't had my hair cut in AGES, and I really fancied the change, and I am so chuffed!

Jumper, Tights & Socks - Primark | Shorts & Necklace - H&M | Boots - Office

I'm currently enjoying a very lazy Sunday, I'm still in my PJ's and watching repeats of Come Dine With Me - for those not in the UK, it's a hilarious cooking programme which is less about the cooking and more about the quirky contestants.

It's been a busy busy two weeks with late nights at work and a flying visit to Ireland for my Nan's 80th Birthday.  She got an almighty surprise, but it sure was knackering, flying Saturday morning, party Saturday night and flying back Sunday morning.

This is quite a comfy outfit but perfect for the windy cold weather we're currently experiencing here in London. 

A couple of weeks ago we saved a mouse from our cat ... however it escaped and now it's hiding in the cupboard, so we've inadvertently caused a mouse problem in our house. doh!  We've put down humane traps, but the mouse has outsmarted them.  I think we're going to have to resort to poison :(

Speak Soon xxx

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