Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chino...no no....

I didnt manage to go shopping on Sunday as we had an impromptu family BBQ, and who can say no to a BBQ when the weather is quite so glorious...

But I did manage to pop out yesterday lunchtime to Topshop and grab myself a bargain, this gorgeous pair of tapered trouserd, I love the style, the colour, the paper bag waist, the button details...and all for £20!

Now, I'm one of those shoppers who never tries anything on, I just see something, hold it up to me, buy it and try it on at home then take it back if needs be.  And that's exactly what I did, however when I got home and pulled these bad boys up i realised nothing about these trousers suited me.

I'm 5'3, can vary from size 10 - 14 pending on which shop/style of clothing I try, I have a rather large bust and a matching jelly belly with a rather flattering muffin top!  I also have a massive scar that runs from one hip to another from an operation I had when I was a kid.  That means I can only wear things that sit on the scar (right under my belly) or high waisted, I can't wear anything that cuts inbetween or that would mean rather lovely rolls appearing in all the wrong places and a garment cutting me in the widest part of my body.

Basically though I can wear lots of different styles of clothes, tapered/chino trousers are a big no no, which is a MASSIVE shame because I really want a pair of tapered trousers, though I will continue my secret hunt and let you know if anything changes :)

What styles are a big no no for you guys?

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Wears of the Week...

With all the sunshine this week I was kind of hoping for a beautiful sunny Saturday, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case, it's very grey outside though it's not that chilly.  I never managed to pop out yesterday on my lunch break for a Chino hunt, so I will pop into town tomorrow to begin my search.

Anyway, here's a little catch up of what I have been wearing this week:

I love these mustard tights, they are so bright and colourful but I always struggle to find something to were them with without looking a little awkward...enter my Joy denim skirt - BINGO, perfect combo.

Cardigan, Vest Top, Ring, Tights - H&M, Skirt - JOY, Necklace & Shoes - Primark

Still with the mustard theme, I teamed it up with this cute maroon dress, I am also loving these loafers, now I not really a shoe person, I generally live in boots, but I decided to kick the habit this Spring.  These loafers are super comfortable (my main reason I don't wear pumps and shoes) I guess it's all about finding the right pair!

Cardigan & Tights - H&M, Dress & Necklace - Primark, Shoes - New Look

More patterned tights! woohoo, I don't actually have much to say about Thursday's, but I do love my skull necklace :)

Shirt & Tights - Primark, Top, Vest Top & Skirt - H&M  

Dusting off my floral dresses to properly embrace Spring, the only thing is is that it is still quite chilly in the evening and unfortunately these summer dresses don't quite hold up to it.  I had a rather good evening and ended up in a bar called the Tiki Lounge, it was Hawaiian theme with good music and strong Majito's yummy!

Cardigan & Necklace - Primark, Dress & Boots - Urban Outfitters, Crop Tights - H&M

To be honest I haven't been up to much today because of the weather, so I've just been tidying my room and listening to music (currently listening to Lyke Li & Bon Iver - Dance Dance Dance).  Tonight I'm off out to my friends birthday in Waxy O'Conner's, it's a cool Irish Bar in Central London that has a massive tree right through the centre and multiple floors, if you ever on London I suggest a visit!

Cardigan, Necklace & Tights - Primark, Dress - TV for Topshop, Boots - Bik Bok

Tomorrow is going to be my shopping day and I have four things on my list - Chino style trousers, Owl Ring in Medium from H&M, black pumps and Wedges!

What has everyone else been up to today? What's everyone else's plans for Sunday?

Speak Soon xxx
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

All things bright and beautiful ♥

Ah sunshine, doesn't it just lift your spirits! I can't believe it's actually Spring, it's amazing how quickly the weather changes. I love being out and about when it's sunny, unfortunately this week I have been rather busy again with work, but I did manage to spend one lunch break in the park which was great, though it was a little cramped - it felt like herds of people flocking to a watering hole - I suppose it was actually, everyone claiming their little bit of sunshine in the tiny park in the middle of Soho.  But what the hey I got my little patch in the sunshine and I was happy munching my sandwich, people watching - one of my favourite past times.

This week for me it all been about colours, all bright and vibrant matching all the flowers in bloom, here is a selection of jewellery I've been wearing this week:

Clockwise from top left - H&M, Primark, H&M, Brick Lane Market

As some of you already know I just can't get enough animal jewellery at the moment, and I picked up this cute Rabbit ring while searching in H&M for the Owl ring that seems to be featured in many blogs at the moment, but I can't find it in medium anywhere! boo, but the search goes on.  I am also on the hunt from some chino style trousers, but thus far have yet to find a pear that suit my shape, currently I am finding a lot of them make me look like an ice-cream cone with a big dollop of body to go with them legs!  But I am demerited to keep up the search, plus I've just had a look on the Topshop website, and there is a large collection of them on sale for £20, so I am to take a gander tomorrow on my lunch break and report back with my findings.

What has everyone else been up to this week so far?

Speak Soon xxx
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Monday, 21 March 2011

A splash of colour...♥

...as promised here are my two little bags I made on Sunday.

The first one is a simple draw string bag which took me a whole 20mins to make - I'm still new to this sewing machine business so my lines are not straight at all! it's so cute and can be used for anything from laundry to potpourri holders.  I made mine (slightly too big) to hold one of my plastic camera's so it doesn't get completely destroyed in my bag.  I then decided to be a little more adventurous and attempt this cute little envelope bag.  It was more complicated than I expected with my material slipping around and my knack of not being able to sew straight, but not too shabby for my first attempt I'd say - I also got a little help from my Mumma sewing the elastic on, but hey!  What do you guys think?

I also got a little creative on my nails too and gave the marble nails another crack:

Barry M - Base & Top Caot, Grey, Bluberry & Cobalt Blue

They're by no means perfect but I quite like them, and using room temprature water was a big help.

For today's outfit, I had to dust off my favourite pair of boots from last spring and they are just so cute and vibrant but unfortunately falling apart sadly :(

Cardigain, Vest Top, Jeggings & Boots - H&M, Top - Primark, Neclace - Aldo

My outfit today makes me feel so happy because it's so bright and fun, it really does lift my mood and feel like I'm embracing Spring :)  For my hair I simply scrunched it to the back of my head and clipped it with a round crocodile clip and pinned it into place with lots of pins including a cut bow detail one.

Let me know what clothes and things you are doing to welcome the warmer weather?

Speak Soon xxx
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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Saturday in the Sunshine....

I had such a fabulous day yesterday, and I am so sorry I did not realise it was the bloggers day of silence for Japan :( another blog fail!

1. My day started by popping down to Shepherds bush market to pick up some material for my drawstring bags which I will be making today.  I was supposed to only get a piece of fabric but there was too much to choose from! I shall post my bag once I have finished.
2. I then wandered into central to meet a friend for lunch and we ended up in Ping Pong, now don't get me wrong the food is yummy, but I've definitely had better Dim Sum, but I do highly reccomend their Strawberry Lemonade, it was delicious!
3. They also had these cute little lights above us which reminded me of Mushroom in Mario Bros.
4. We took a stroll into Soho and popped into The Endurance for a little bevvy, but then the Rugby started and we are not massive Rugby Fans (YAY Ireland!)...
5. ...so we made our way over to the Intrepid Fox is a heavy metal pub full with goths rockers and old school metal fans, it was like being taken back to my grunge teen years, I quite liked it with all their interesting wall designs and dark red lighting, but the music was a little too heavy for me, so we took another wander...
6. ...and happened upon The Royal George, its a cute little pub tucked down a little alleyway by Superdrug on Tottenham Court Road.  I used to be a regular visitor to this pub on a Wednesday for the Ukulele Night, it's great fun in their cool little basement with wonderful patterns designs and art on the wall.  Though I have never been here on a Saturday, we were sipping our drinks upstairs when we heard the music kick off, so we took a little gander and watched the REALLY cool Rhythm and Blues band called MFC Chicken, now when we saw these guys you would not expect the deep smooth soulful voice from this skinning lad, but it was truely amazing and they were so much fun with the audience twisting the night away.

Cardigan, Dress, Ring & Necklace - Primark, Tights - M&S, Socks - Topshop, Boots - Vera Moda

I hope everyone had a glorious Saturday basking in the sunshine.

Speak Soon xxx
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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Outfits of the week...

I've just realised I haven't posted hardly any of my outfits this week, blog fail! But hey, better late than never...

It was the St Patrick's Day Parade and celebrations in central London today so some of the family (Mumma, Brother, 2 Aunties, 1 Uncle, 4 Cousins) all headed down to listen to the music and dance the day away, it was such great fun and being half Irish on my mother's side all the family that did come down we're all dressed to impress, though I decided to hold off until Thursday when it was actually Paddy's day...

Dress, Headband, Necklace - Primark, Tights & Boots - H&M

Though it was quite sunny, it was still rather chilly so another perfect excuse to pull on a chunky knit!  I also love these cord shorts and Moccasin style boots - perfect for this time of year I feel.
Headscarf - Brick Lane Market, Top, Vest Top & Shorts - H&M, Necklace & Tights - Primark, Boots - Urban Outfitters.

As per my Ouchy! post I decided to wear these rather uncomfortable pumps, but I do like the detail on the top and cardigan... have a read of my previous post for my deets...
Cardigan, Necklace, Tights & Pumps - Primark, Top - Topshop, Skirt - H&M

I haven't worn a short denim skirt in AGES so I though it was about time to dust one off as the weather is really picking up, I also quite like this blazer/skirt combo
Blazer - Primark, Top - Top - Topshop, Vest Top & Tights - H&M, Necklace - Portobello Market, Boots - Zara

Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all!!!!  As I promised I decided to stick with the St Paddy's day theme and wear the cute little green number.  I popped down to O'Neils after work for a little bevvy and the atmosphere was great, laughing drinking and GREAT Irish music!
Cardigan, Tights & Socks - Primark, Dress & Boots - H&M

I've seen everyone wearing this cardigan in a lot of blogs recently, and it just really made me want to wear mine, so here it is.  I love the colour, the detail on the shoulders and the way it makes an outfit pop!
Cardigan, Top, Vest Top, Jeggings - H&M, Shoes - New Look

I shall post my outfit of today tomorrow as currently I'm currently scambling to leave the house and get out in the sun! :)

Speak Soon xxx
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The Sun is Shining, the weather is sweet....

What a glorious day!  I was woken early this morning with the sun blazing through my window and it was just the best feeling.  Currently I am still in my PJ's but I have lots to do today - I need to go and get some fabric to make a couple more bags for my camera's - you see I'm slightly obsessed with two things at the moment - Toy Camera's and Sewing and Knitting, as I mentioned before I was in the process of knitting a hat, but the sun came up and I decided to make a little draw string bag to haul my camera's around in so the don't get scratched in my bag:

So this is my first ever attempt at using a sewing machine and making a drawstring bag so there are some loose threads and wonky edges, but it's not bad hey?  An it's really got me in the mood to get creative!

I also have to say sorry I haven't been around much this week, I've been rather busy with work, but I promised to be a little better this week :)

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Thursday, 17 March 2011


On Tuesday I heard the great news on the radio that it would be a whooping 16 degrees here in London - that's big news considering it's been rather chilly recenetly.  So I decided to leave my trade mark boots at home and wear something a little more feminine and summery pumps.  Though they are cheap and tacky and falling apart they served me well last summer, and they felt fine in the house, so I thought what the hey!   MASSIVE FAIL - I could feel every lump and bump of the pavement, they kept slipping of my foot, so I had to walk kinda funny just to keep them on and ended up with massive cramps in my feet!  Any the silliest thing?  I wore them for the whole day as I couldn't be bothered to turn around and change my shoes!  

I have decided to chuck out all my crappy misshapened Primark pumps and go on the hunt for a good, sturding, leather pair of pumps!  No more suffering for the sake of fashion I say :)

Cardigan, Necklace, Tights & Pumps - Primark, Top - Topshop, Skirt - H&M

Speak Soon xxx
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Saturday, 12 March 2011

All dressed up and nowhere to go....

So I didn't make plans today, thinking I would be all spontaneous like, and see who's kicking around....turns out nobody was about :( I could of kept myself busy by clearing out my wardrobe, but I just didn't feel like it today.

Anyway here is what I wore for the rest of the week:

I picked this fabulous little skirt up for £15 on sale in JOY, I've been seeing high waisted denim skirts on lots of people but haven't seen any in the shops so I was chuffed when I saw this beaut!  Also the belt is one of my little purchases from Primark the other day, bargain at £1 and it has such cute detailing.

Top & Boots - H&M, Belt & Tights - Primark, Skirt - JOY

Nothing much to say about Thursday I'm afraid, apart from it was rather windy hence the dodgy hair!
Vest Top & Leggings - H&M, Jumper, Socks & Necklace - Primark, Rhino Ring - Rokit, Boots - Office

Ashamedly I was kitted out in pretty much all Primark, which I didn't realised until I left the house! oh dear!  Though since starting this blog I have come to release my wardrobe consists of pretty much Primark and H&M.  
Cardigan, Dress & Tights - Primark, Necklace - Vintage, Boots - Office.

So I got up, the sun was shining, I showered, I curled my hair, I went all summery, I text and called around.....and nothing! Absolutely nobody about today, massive downer!  But I managed to convince a friend to go for drinks this evening in Nottinghill so all is not lost quite yet.

Cardigan & Dress - H&M, Necklace, Belt, Sock, Spotty Tights & Shoes - Primark

I have to say, I really like today's outfit (even though its all H&M & Primark), its so summery and girls and flowery, it just makes me feel good, and happy!

What did everyone else get up to today?  Was everyone out enjoying the sun?

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Friday, 11 March 2011

A package arrived with my name on it....

Wahay! It's Friday! I'm so glad - even though it was only a four day week for me it felt looong! But as they say, good things come to those who wait....and I have been waiting for my package to arrive from Ebay and it did all ready for me when I arrived home from work yesterday evening....

I wonder what could be inside....
My beautiful shiny new Pink Holga 120GCFN.  Its the typical plastic Holga camera with glass lens and coloured flash, and it takes 120 film.  I am so excited, it was on my wish list for ages and now I finally have my hands on one! woohoo.  The only down side is the film is around £5 a pack and you only get 12-16 prints out of it, also printing is around £11! So it seems it will be a VERY expensive hobby....anyone in London know where I can get cheap 120 film and cheap process and print per chance?

I also thought I would post my bed...why you say? Because I keep taking pictures on my beautiful bed throw and I thought I would share it with everyone....

A bit of an awful pic but I was trying to cut out the rest of my room because it's a bit of a dump at the moment, but I just love this throw - Portobello Vintage, and these cute covers from Ikea....what does everyone think?

Speak soon xxx

PS - Follow me on Tumblr also have a link top left of my blog - Enjoy!
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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marbles About Marble Nails...

Marble Nail seem to be all over the place at the moment - Magazines (LOOK - great step by step guide), Blogs, YouTube etc. So when My sister asked me to paint her nails I thought I'd give it a whirl and here are the results:

The results are gorgeous and its so quick as simple to do.  As per LOOK all you do is apply your clear Basecoat (wait for it to dry), then apply a light coloured Basecoat - I chose Models Own in Peach Sherbet, then into a bowl of water drop a few dollops of different coloured nail varnish in - I went for Barry M Vivid Purple, Cobalt Blue and Blueberry.  Then you mix with a toothpick and dip your nails in and clean off the excess polish from your fingers and Viola! uber funky nails in a seconds.  Though it turns out really cold water isn't that great, though it dries in an instant you have to be quick dunking your nails in otherwise you'll get a gross skin/film hanging from your fingers - EW!

If you need a slightly more in-depth fear, just YouTube Marble Nails and there are HUNDREDS of Tutorials.

Let me know what you guys think? Anyone else got any nifty nail tricks?

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hey Big Spender...

Ok, not so much seeing as I live in Primark and H&M, but hey, I still spend way more that I should on clothes.

Anyway as promised here's what I've been wearing this week:

So I had the day off and what a day, it was so beautifully sunny and the perfect time to meet an old friend and her kiddy and have a lovely stroll and a long pub lunch in a sunny spot of a beer garden.  I also cut my fringe - what do you think?

Cardigan - Ebay, Cape, Top & Jeggings - H&M, Shoes (NEW!) & Necklace - Primark, Socks - Topshop, Headscarf - Bricklane

I also decided that Monday night was the night to finally dye my hair!

Drum roll please for the big unveiling of my NEW Ombre Hair....
Cardigan, Ebay, Dress (NEW) & Necklace - Primark, Tights - H&M, Boots - Office

What's that you say? You can't tell the difference!??!  Well, me neither :( sad times!  I used Superdrug Natural Blonde (OK it wasn't recommended for dark brown) and I thought it would turn my hair a lighter brown, but alas nothing.  So I'm just going to have to fork out and get it done at a proper Salon.  I just don't trust the bleaches in the shops as I have dyed my hair orange before as a teenager with one of those packets!

Has anyone else tried the DIY Ombre Hair at home? Any luck? Any Tips? Do let me know.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring Clean...

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but Boots have a 3for2 offer on all skincare products! AMAZING! So I decided to spring clean my current routine as I seem to be breaking out at the moment - I think it's because my current cleanser is just too astringent - I was using Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser as I can no longer find the Witch Cleanser (they only do the face washes - Boo!) 

I have combination skin though I have a VERY oily Tzone and my cheeks aren't all that dry, and I find a lot of cleansers for combination/oily skin type either break me out or suck every inch of moisture from my face.  Also I've read so many good reviews on the following products and the packaging was so cute AND the price was perfect (around £2.30 each):

Left: Boots Traditional Skin Care - Gycerin and Rosewater Toner and Moisturiser, Right: Boots Traditional Skin Care - Cold Cream.

I was going to use the Toner in the mornings instead of my No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner (that's all I use in the morning with Simple Moisturiser), but after reading reviews and giving it a quick test run it is rather tacky on the skin, so I decided to use it as at night after cleansing with either my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Cleanser or my newly purchased Cold Cream - though I haven't tested this yet.

The Toner - though I've only used it the once, leaves your skin perfectly smooth and it feels squeaky clean - though slightly sticky.  I know its also supposed to be a moisturiser but I still choose to apply my Simple Night Cream afterwards.  So so far thumbs up from me on this toner and I shall report back about the cold cream and my new regime in a little while.

Let me know what you fav products are and cleaning regime is? Also what skin type you have.

PS I'll post my outfits I've been wearing this week tomorrow - with some of my newly purchase Primark items included!

PPS  Just a wee update - I got my mother a Voucher for the rather lush Beauty Rooms just down the road for her Bday

Speak Soon xxx
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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Although it's still rather chilly outside the sun is shining! I love it when it's cold but sunny, it makes me really happy and the air just smells so fresh...even in London! I took quite a few photo's outside today and just couldn't choose so here are some I narrowed it down to...

Cardigan - Primark, Top & Tights - H&M, Dress - Zara, Boots - Aldo, Necklace - Australia

The sunshine just makes everything look so much better don't you think?

The family and I are off to Chelsea Kitchen for a spot of late lunch for my Mumma's Bday.  But first I nipped into town to pick up my Mumma's pressie.... I can't tell you what it is as I know she spies on this blog :) I will reveal all tomorrow.  I also picked up my hair dye for my 'Ombre Hair' and naughtily popped into Primark and also spied a few finds - I well take some pic's and post them later.

Let me know what you guys are up to on the Gorgeous Sunday...

Speak soon xxx Pin It

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