Wednesday, 28 March 2012

♡ Wednesday Wish List ♡

Totally lusting after this pretty Tea Time Collection by a very talented designer called Misha.  The collection is filled with floaty tulle, swirling ruffles and tier-upon-tier of pleats; it’s hard to resist wandering off into a romantic fantasy - every girls dream no?  Check out her Spring/Summer 2012 here. Pin It

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Le Moustache

Jumper, Vest Top & Shoes - H&M | Jeans - Lee | Necklace - Ebay

I bought the moustache necklace off Ebay - I thought it was going to be hard plastic, but in fact it's thin felt material.  I was quite disappointed but luckily it was only £2 so no biggie, and serves me right for not reading the description properly!  Have you guys ever bought an item and it didn't turn out as expected?

I decided to change the location of my photo's to the living room as the light pouring in the windows is so pretty and dreamy.  Maybe one day I'll be confident enough to find some outdoor locations to take pretty pictures.  What do you think of this new back drop?

The days are starting to get a lot warmer here in London so yesterday I decided to spend the day sipping cider up on the hills of Alexandra Palace looking over the landscape of London.  What did you guys up to this weekend?  

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

♡ Wednesday Wish List ♡

Here are some items I'm currently lusting after... roll on payday!

1♡ Spotted retro inspired Dorothy Perkins Dress
2♡ Mustard love heart Monki Charlet Blouse
3♡ 40's inspired pleated New Look Dress
4♡ Cute, Quirky and Colourful Modcloth bag
5♡ Fan shaped Miss Selfridge Ring
6♡ Perfect Clarks Summer Sandals

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Monday, 19 March 2012

♡ Bow Ties ♡

Jumper - Men's H&M | Shirt & Tights - H&M | Ring - Galibardy | Bow Tie - Scarf DIY | Boots - Office

I have been loving the whole shirt and bow tie look that's taken over the blog world and the high street, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Before another shopping trip I can't afford, I thought I'd see what I had in my wardrobe first.  The bow tie is just one of my many scarves which I usually use as a headscarf tied into a pretty bow, I think it turned out pretty well - what do you think?

Have you guys used an accessory in many different ways?

This weekend was super busy for me with a friends 30th birthday celebration, St. Patrick's Day and Mothers day - lets just say far too much alcohol and food was consumed - how did you guys spend the weekend?

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Copycat Nails...

I saw this awesome nail tutorial over on Wayward Daughter and thought I'd give it a go.  I love experimenting with my nails and this manicure is so simple I thought I'd give it a go - I think they turned out pretty well.

What do you guys think?  Has anyone else found a good nail tutorial they've tried?

Speak Soon xxx
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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Slouchy Days

Leather Jacket - Zara | Scarf & Necklace - Primark | Jumper - Topshop | Jeggings - H&M | Bandana - Market | Boots - Urban Outfitters | Bag - Charles & Keith

The weather in London has really been up and down recently, with promise of snow at the beginning of the week to 16°C and beautiful sunshine today - mental!  I think my favourite kind of weather is when the sun is beaming but there is still a little chill in the air - what about you guys?

This is what I wore earlier in the week when it was more chilly, I love this jumper because it's HUGE and super comfy.  My other love is chunky knits, be it cardigans (see previous posts), hats or scarfs - to me, it's the bigger the better, they're just super snuggly.

I am really missing my iPhone at the moment and the lack of phone numbers I have and intsagam pictures I can take - do you guys have a smart phone?  What is your favourite feature on your phone?

R-L - Claddagh - Ireland | Claw - So High Soho | Pearl - Accessorize | Amber - Ireland | Heart - So High SoHo

Speak Soon xxx
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

✩ Sparkle and Shine ✩


Just a quick little post to show you my latest find in TRAID charity shop.  It's a gorgeous little two-toned sequined top with pretty detailing around the edges.  Here's some more photos to show off the beautiful detailing...

I usually find some great items in TRAID, I picked this up for £14 - not that cheap in my opinion for a charity shop, but then again I find the TRAID shops a little on the expensive side - I saw a Primark dress going for £15, a massive rip off for second-hand Primark.

Has anyone else found any great charity shop finds? Or does anyone has any recommendations where to go for the best charity shops in London?

Speak Soon xxx

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

◆ Cops & Robbers ◆

Dress - H&M | Collar - Romwe | Tights - Primark | Boots - Red or Dead

I haven't worn this collar for ages, though I'm not sure why as I am totally in love with it, it's just so pretty and has such a beautiful scallop finish.  I wore this little outfit on a day trip to Brighton with my friend Abi , I did take lots of photo's on my iPhone 4s, however it went missing late last night while I was out :( so sad that I can't share any photos with you.

The annoying thing about my missing phone is that I managed to track it down today to some house on the other side of London (thank-you iCloud) however the police won't help me recover it as they don't have the authority to enter the premisses and ask for my phone back! (if you follow me on twitter you'll see I've been rambling about this too) So all I can do is remotely wipe the phone, and hope my insurance coughs up.  Anyway, that has spoiled my plans for the weekend as I can't contact anyone unless they respond on FB.

Enough rambling from me - have you had anything annoying happen to you recently?  I hope you guys are having a good weekend.

Speak Soon xxx
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