Wednesday, 25 April 2012

✤ Tutti Frutti ✤

From thumb - Bright Pink - Barry M | Blueberry - Barry M | Neon Yellow - M&S | Mint Green - Barry M | Peach Sherbert - Models Own

These nails remind me of ice cream - though I'm not too sure why.  I thought I'd brighten up my nails seeing as the weather is refusing to do so.  I really do not like the wind/rain combo, especially when I have such a flimsy umbrella and the streets of London seem to be heaving with umbrella maniacs!

Dress & Tights - H&M | Headscarf - Shoreditch Vintage Fair | Boots - Office

As promised yonks ago, here is one of the scarfs I picked up in the Shoreditch Vintage Fair (which is making a return this weekend! YAY), I love the colour and pattern on this scarf as it's just so pretty and cute but not too girly.  I'm also sad to say that my favourite boots have a hole in the leather :(  I discovered this when it was raining buckets this week and only one foot was soaked through.  I'm so sad, as these are really my go to favourite boots and make regular appearences on the blog.  I've had them for over a year, but I don't think the should wear out quite so quickly - do you guys think I should take them back or bin them?

Speak Soon xxx

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Sunday, 22 April 2012


Cardigan - Primark | Dress - H&M via Ebay | Tights - House of Holland | Shoes - Red or Dead

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, I've spent it at leaving do's, riverside strolls and dinning on a deliecious Sunday Roast at The Crabtree - what have you lot been up to?

I finally gave in and bought the suspender tights by House of Holland from Topshop.  Being 27 I was a little worried I was a bit too old for these tights, but I really believe it's how you wear things and not what you wear.  With these beauties being quite so expensive (well for me) I expected them to be highly durable, however they laddered by the end of the evening!  I wasn't doing anything extravegant, just bowling and a bus ride home, but when I went to take them off they had a big fat ladder right on the thigh - NOT GOOD for £13 tights!  But I do love them, so I may have to force myself and go out and buy another pair.  Have you guys tried these tights? What's your experience?

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Silver Surfer

 Nail Polish - Barry M, Instant Affects Foil - Silver Foil | RH Amber Ring - Ireland | LH Amber Ring - Portobello Market

I have been hunting for AGES for a decent silver or gold nail polish that is... well ... silver or gold.  I find most of these polishes have more of a brown or grey tint and not really 'silver'.  But hooray for Barry M - their Foil Affects range is simply amazaballs, the polish is nice and shiny and doesn't streak at all - PERFECT!  Have you guys checked these out yet?

Top - Topshop | Skirt - H&M | Tights - Primark | Shoes - New Look

I know this is a rather summery outfit yet the weather is anything but hot over here in London, which I'm totally sick off, ever since I got back from Malaysia it feels like I don't have any Winter clothes in my wardrobe - which is not the case, I think it's more to do with I want to be back in 32°C heat!  But fear not, I didn't go wandering around in just this outfit, I still had my big lambskin coat on.  I've also found I've been wearing my hair up loads recently because of the wind and rain, it's hard enough walking around with an umbrella let alone being blinded by my own hair!  This is currently my favourite way to wear my hair at the moment, scrunched up into a random mess- easy peasy!

How about you guys?  How have you been coping with the glooming weather here in the UK?

Speak Soon xxx
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Sunday, 15 April 2012

♡ Foody Delights ♡

 I don't know about you lot but my Sunday's almost are always centered around food, be it a mouthwatering Sunday Roast, scrummy cupcakes, or a good ol' fry up in a local cafe.  My brother is a dab hand in the kitchen and he is a rather marvelous baker, this is especially great on a Sunday where he has all the time in the world and therefore usually ends up making quite a few delicious creations.  I was so glad to come home to discover a huge lamb roast followed by a large cream sponge cake and lots of yummy gooey lemon meringue cupcakes - I'm trying to convince him to start up a blog with all his yummy creations but he's not keen on sharing his secrets with the world just yet.

Here's a quick and easy recipe on how to make your own lemon curd, perfect for cakes or on toast! (thanks Delia)

grated zest and juice 4 large juicy lemons
4 large eggs
12 oz (350 g) golden caster sugar
8 oz (225 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into small lumps
1 level dessertspoon cornflour 

Begin by lightly whisking the eggs in a medium-sized saucepan, then add the rest of the ingredients and place the saucepan over a medium heat. Now whisk continuously using a balloon whisk until the mixture thickens – about 7-8 minutes. Next, lower the heat to its minimum setting and let the curd gently simmer for a further minute, continuing to whisk. After that, remove it from the heat. Now pour the lemon curd into the hot, sterilised jars, filling them as full as possible, cover straightaway with waxed discs, seal while it is still hot and label when it is cold. It will keep for several weeks, but it must be stored in a cool place.

What do you guys think of this foody post?  Want to see more like this?

Speak Soon xxx
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Friday, 6 April 2012

☁ Grey Skies up Ahead ☁

Top - H&M | Dress - Zara | Tights - Primark | Necklace - Forever 21 | Shoes - New Look

Happy Easter weekend everyone, but where's the sunshine gone? I thought it was meant to be Spring!  The weather is pretty chilly around London town recently, a huge change to the glorious sunny days of last weekend.  But nevertheless I am going to persevere anyhow and attend my first BBQ of the year tomorrow even though it's supposed to be a grey rainy day.  

I wore this outfit last week and at work everyone said I looked a bit like a milk maid.... I don't really see it, but hey, each to their own.  I do love this cute dungaree dress I bought in Zara years ago, and sadly it's starting to die - the seams are coming loose and hem is starting to fray - don't you hate it when a favorite item starts to wear away?

How is everyone spending their long bank holiday weekend?  I've not actually made any plans, but looking forward to a big family roast on Sunday.

Have a good weekend people and I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Speak Soon xxx
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hey there little Birdy...

 Dress - New Look | Bra - Debenhams | Tights & Sunglasses - Primark | Necklace - Forever 21 | Shoes - Office

I have a real soft spot for cut out dresses however I always have a hard time buying them.  You see I have quite a large bust which in turns mean quite large sturdy bras.  Though there are very pretty bras out there, you just don't want them sticking out of a pretty cutout back dress, however I found this cute little dress with little cutout sides that doesn't look too bad with my bra poking out ever so slightly - what do you think?

I also love the little birdy print on this dress, it's a perfect print for the sunny days we are experiencing.  New look have LOADS of pretty summer dresses at the moment, if you have a chance I suggest you pay your nearest store a visit.

Do you guys have any style that you can't wear?

Speak Soon xxx
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