Monday, 30 May 2011

A High Tea adventure...

Yesterday the family and I decided to hit central London for a spot of high tea (bar my Pa as he was working).  This is by no means a regular occurrence - we had a voucher for GroupOn so we decided to spoil ourselves.  

We spent the afternoon sipping our champagne, pouring an array of tea's, nibbling our way through a selection of mini sandwiches cut from a variety of breads, the most delicious scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and finishing off with our mouth watering deserts, my personal favourite was the miniature lemon tart topped with tiny rose petals.

Cardigan - H&M | Dress - TV for Topshop | Tights & Necklace - Primark | Wedges - Vera Moda

Our adventures didn't stop their either, seeing as we still had a large part of the afternoon left, and the weather was rather warm, we took a little trip down to Covent Garden.  It was filled with tourists and Londoners alike, all whiling away the afternoon, watching the various performers scattered around the infamous square, sipping their coffees, swilling their pints and enjoying an afternoon ice cream.

We wondered the winding back lanes, gazing into shop windows and picking up a bag of pear drops for our journey.  We popped into the much talked about Lucy In Disguise,, it was as if you were transported back in time with the staff all sporting rather retro hairdo's and make up and kitted out with designers vintage pieces.  Although there were some fabulous items, I personally think it's slightly overrated and overpriced - though perfect for someone who is into vintage but doesn't enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

After all the window shopping we found ourselves feeling rather peckish again so we ducked into Cote for dinner and boy did we guzzle our cloudy lemonade's and devour our Pâté , Scallops and minute steaks - it turns our we were hungrier than we thought :)  

It was such a splendid afternoon spent with my family, enjoying the sights and the sounds of our home town - London - something I must do more often, though less of the eating - I think we consumed enough food to feed an army.  Also all these photo's were taken with my new Canon 450D(XSi). What do you think?

How was everyone else's Sunday spent?  Did everyone have fun?

Speak Soon xxx
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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Home, Home on the Range...

WOW - it's been a super long week at work (worked all last weekend and until 4am last night) so I've just been lounging around the house today as I am knackered.  I managed to watch a couple of DVD's I picked up in the HMV sale - Alice in Wonderland and The Lovely Bones - both really good films that I never got around to watching on the big screen.  Has anyone seen either of these?

I was meant to be going to a birthday party this evening but unfortunately I never got around to even changing out of my pyjamas yet :)  tomorrow will hopefully be more productive.  Although it's a bank holiday here in England, again I will be working on Monday - so not much of bank holiday for me.

Cardigan & Top - H&M, | Skirt - Joy | Tights, Necklace, Ring & Shoes - Primark | Headscarf - Vintage

This skirt is fast becoming my favourite - It's super comfy and versatile, plus its really cute.

Also some exciting news - my baby's arrived in the post during the week but I've been too busy to get around to even opening the packages

I upgraded my Canon 350D for the 450D - why I hear you cry? Because a) I wanted to, b) it only cost like me £100 (I sold my £350 on Ebay) - I know a lot of people may call my silly as it's not much of an upgrade, but I thought what the hey, it's my choice!  I also bought the neat little camera bag - it's perfect for my camera and my handbag items, I think it will encourage me to take my camera out more on a daily basis without thinking urgh! I got to carry TWO bags.  The main reason I got these now is for my travels in 2weeks - YAY I'm so excited! Camodia and Vietnam here I come!

How is everyone else spending their weekend? 

Speak Soon xxx

PS. I'm reaching my picture upload limit on blogger - anyone know a way around this without having to pay?
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy Shiny People

Seeing as it's been rather windy here in London lately, I've been opting for outfits least likely to show off my bottom!  Generally it's been heavy weight dresses/skirts or leggings.  I then remembered I have these fabulous Lycra/Shiny leggings.  The pictures below aren't the best but you can see the shininess in the above picture better.

The earring pictured above is also one of my favourites, although it's quite a chunky piece, and a masculine piercing, I think this earring is particularly feminine - what do you think?

I quite like this outfit and I'm not too sure why as its pretty basic.  Maybe its the splash of colours in the accessories or the kind of rocker chic vibe going on.  What do you guys think?
Top - Topshop, Vest Top, Leggings & Turquoise Ring - H&M, Leaf Ring - Aldo, Boots & Necklace - Primark, Headscarf - Brick Lane Market

When I started this blog I thought it would help me determine and define my style, but looking back at all my various outfits so far, it seems I have a real mish mash style - I pick up on trends but don't necessarily follow them, I like specific styles but don't stick to one in particular - I just go with the flow depending on what I feel like at the time or what I like in the shops.  And you know what? I bloody love it! I know not everyone will like my style or agree with me, but hey.

What about you guys and dolls? Do you have a particular style? Or do you cross all style grounds?  And what do you think of it?

I've been working late loads recently, but after my last craft post I'm in the mood for making.  So when I'm free, I'll be crafting a lot more and finally share with your my 'M' I bought two weekends ago.

Speak Soon xxx
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy - Notebook cover Tutorial...

I've been on the hunt for the perfect yet affordable notebook for ages, and I just haven't found any!  So I thought I would create my own....sort of.

Turn any old notebook from this.....

To This...

In 11 simple steps...

1. Your tools - Notebook you wish to cover, material of your choice, PVA (or Mod Podge), Painting Brush, Scissors, Disposable Container, Material Chalk.

2. Measure your material to size and mark where you are going to cut with your material chalk 

3. Don't forget to leave some overhang to tack around the corners of your note book.

4. Pour a PVA (enough to paint your note book with) into you disposable container.

5. Add a splash of water - about 1/4 of your PVA and mix well

6. Paint the outside of your notebook with the mixture.

7. Place your material on top of your painted notebook and slide into place, paint over your material with the PVA/Water mixture.

8. Open up your notebook and tuck the edges in, not forgetting to snip the material by the spine.  Paint the material in place.  Do the same for the other side

9. Leave to dry for about two hours.

10. You'll be left with a bit of material overhang by the spine of your notebook, paint this with your mixture.

11. Tuck these edges into the spine of the notebook with your scissors - repeat on the other side. Leave overnight to fully dry

12. Voila! Your finished custom notebook cover.

I don't think this was too shabby for my first attempt, though I think I might try it with Spray Mount glue next time as I have a few too many air bubbles for my liking, or I might try and follow THIS tutorial instead, I found it AFTER I'd finished mine - typical!

See what I mean about the bubbles?

What have you crafty creeters been up to lately?  Got any creations to share?

Speak Soon xxx

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Sharing is Caring ♥

Sorry Guys and Dolls - I've had a super busy weekend working until late night both days - booo!  

Which means, though I have lots to share with you I haven't managed to edit my photo's and put a post together yet - booo :(  So I thought I'd make do with this rather brief post sharing my two finds for the weekend...

Firstly introducing Galibardy - the most awesome jewelery shop ever (especially if you're as obsessed  as me with animal jewelery) - it actually turns out I have a couple of items from them already but just didn't realise it! doh!  There used to be a little stall in Brick Lane stocking all these gorgeous items- though I haven't seen them there for a while.  I think they have the most unique and totally stunning jewelery which is bound to make any outfit pop.  All their jewelery is so beautifully crafted and most of the rings are adjustable so you'll definitely find something to fit!

Here's a few of my favourite pieces...


 I'm currently waiting on the Ram ring to come back in stock then that baby will be mine :)

And for my second find?  As mentioned in my last post, I did manage to pop along to my friends Birthday on Saturday evening - though I didn't make it in time for the meal, I managed to have a little taster of their tapas, and a rather delicious Mojito. 

It was a cute little bar/restaurant in Clerkenwell called The Giant Robot - it has a really cosy yet vibrant atmosphere and a delicious food menu (from what I tried anyway).  Stupidly, though I carry 2 camera's with me at all times I didn't take any pictures - I got far to swept up in conversation.  I would recommend a visit if your ever in the area and fancy a totally scrumptious cocktail - or if your west - try their Tiny Robot in Westbourne Groove (sorry for all the non-London peeps).

How was everyone elses weekend?  Any new discoveries?

Speak Soon xxx Pin It

Friday, 20 May 2011

Red is the Rose...

I can't believe I haven't shared these beauties with you yet - to be fair, I've only just re-discovered them recently myself - they were hiding in a box under my bed.   I got these bad boys last year in the Office sale for a whole £5!  Not bad hey?! So shiny and colourful.

I kept the red theme going with the rest of my outfit too...

Cardigan & Necklace - Primark, Top & Jeggings - H&M, Headscarf - Brick Lane Market, Ring - Rokit

Alas - today is Friday, I had so many plans for the weekend - I was meant to be having high tea with my friend tomorrow - it's been booked for months! And on Sunday a day trip to Brighton - but alas, work has scuffed my plans and I'm now working both days - yay for 12day week for me! :( Sad times - but I'm almost there and the finished product will be worth it.

I do still have one thing to look forward to and that's my friends birthday meal on Saturday evening, which should be a good laugh with good friends - unfortunately I can't join them for their after hours dancing because of work on Sunday, but hey at least I get to go to some of it.

Has everyone else got lots planned for the weekend?

Speak Soon xxx Pin It

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Candy Canes....

Jacket, Cardigan, Necklace & Boots - Primark, Dress, Scarf & Rings - H&M

This is not the first time I've worn this dress, but for some reason everyone was commenting how great it was.  To be honest I think it was the boots and studded denim jacket, they really put a twist on this rather feminine dress.  What do you think?

It has also been quite windy the last couple of days here in London, so I thought I'd put up this rather fetching snap to demonstrate :)

The obsession hasn't stopped with the animal jewelery just yet either :)

I spent Sunday with my friend Abi where we had a late lunch at a cute little Mediterranean cafe on Church Street in Stoke Newington

 As soon as we walked in it immediately took me to a far away sunny place, the smell, the décor, the random Eggs Benedict served with Melon... but nonetheless yummy, and very cute and characteristic Cafe.

We then spent hours browsing the various boutiques filled with vintage clothing and cutesy bunting and cupcake holders.  If you're in the area, I do suggest you take a wander, though the shops are a wee bit overpriced, but none the less a great place for the vintage hunter.

We happened across this fantastic haberdashery just off Church Street, filled with all sorts of arts and crafts goodies and piles of material and streams of wool.  I could of bought a million things, but I limited myself to one item - a large letter 'M' which I plan to decorate and display in my room - I shall share that with you guys soon.

I also popped into Debenhams yesterday - to be honest I was shopping for a swimming costume for my holiday, but didn't see any that really caught my eye, so I wandered into the lingerie department.  They had 20% off and Debenhanms are my favorite choice for pretty bigger bust bra's.  I saw this candy cane stripe bra and matching knickers and had to have it, it's just too cute!

How has everyone else's week been so far?  Has anyone else had different reactions to an outfit when worn slightly differently than usual?

Speak Soon xxxx
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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Round Up...

Cardigan, Boots & Black Ring - H&M, Top - Topshop, Tights - Primark, Silver Ring - Portobello, Necklace - Vintage

Seeing as blogger was super temperamental over the last few days I thought I'd put two outfit posts in one.  The weather here in London has been very deceiving - its so sunny but not warm!

Today is a lazy day, I'm heading over to my friends house later with my sewing machine to help her make bags for presents but that's about it.   To be honest, it's exactly what I need - to do nothing as I'm knackered with all the hours I'm doing at work at the moment.

Yesterday after work I just came home and chilled out and watched the Eurovision Song Contest which was so entertaining - especially if you were following twitter too - people just make me laugh so much.

I also tucked into this rather delicious home-made Victoria Sponge which was so mouthwatering scrumptious!

I have to say Blue done a ruddy good job on the Eurovision, totally cheesy and catchy and cheap suits - hole in one in my opinion, and 100 points is not too shabby!  I'm really sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about in regards to the Eurovision, it's basically a singing contest  for Europe, but for more details you can read HERE.

Cardigan, Skirt & Tights - H&M, Top - Topshop Shoes - New Look, Necklace & Ring - Primark, Headscarf - Brick Lane Market

 Here is another pair of recently purchased pumps, I think they are super cute and pretty damn comfortable.  They are also real suede (not bad for £25 from New Look), but the only gripe I have is that they turned my feet black :S not a good look!

What is everyone else up to this weekend? Did anyone else watch the Eurovision?

Speak Soon xxx
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Saturday, 14 May 2011


Without further ado here is the lucky winner of my 100th follower celebrations.....

 HeatherHeartsFashion CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have been chosen at random with the help of

These two lovely items will be winging there way to you shortly...

Again a big thank you to all my followers and readers, I really do appriciate your support and such lovely comments.

Now that blogger is back to normal, my normal blogging routine will resume shortly, but first I have to finish my day at work - boooo!

Thanks again everyone, and I hope you're all having a fab weekend.

Speak Soon xxx Pin It

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Happy Feet...

Blouse - Primark, Vest & Leggings - H&M, Shoes - Office, Ring - Aldo

Sorry for the mess around here, I have been busy jazzing up my blog - what do you guys think so far?  I haven't finished just yet as it's bedtime, but I'm almost there.

As some of you may know these are my happy shoes - they make me feel like skipping everywhere when I wear them.  They are also helping me forget about the grey skies here in London - it's been promising to rain for days, but hasn't quite yet - I put it down to these sunshine shoes! :)  I also love the pattern and feel of this blouse, it's super comfy and though it's quite big it's still very feminine.

I also went to my first Softball Practice last night and really enjoyed it, it was lots of fun, though I am aching today! What have you been up to?

Speak Soon xxx

PS. Don't forget to enter GIVEAWAY which ends on Saturday 
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