Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stitch and bitch...

So I popped around my lovely friend Abi's house today to do a bit of knitting, have a good ol' chin wag and enjoy good food.  She made some yummy cupcakes wile I made 7 layer dip.

Unfortunately we ate all the dip before I had time to photograph it but here's a posh pic of how it can look :)

For my recipe which I stole from my American friend its basically a layer of refried beans, a layer of salsa (not fresh - Dorito's or Old El Paso is the best) sour cream, spring onions, black olives and cheese.  You then bung it in the oven until hot throughout and the cheese is all melty and either leave it to cool and serve at room temperature, or as we did eat it piping hot....yummmmmmm

My friends cup cakes were so cute baked in little cases picked up in Ikea:

Again uber yummy!

As for the knitting, I'm in the middle of knitting a hat which I have been doing for a while and about 1/2 way through at the moment, here's how it looks so far:
Pants huh? ha ha, but imagine it finished, a lovely cosy hat with a little bobble on the top. Can you picture it? Because I can.

Abi on the other hand is much more adventerous and she's made lots of cute crocheted monsters with her own patterns which hopefully she's going to sell to the world one day!  Today she started to crochet this bad boy:
Which I've now stolen the pattern for, and this is going to be my next project as by the time I finish my hat I think it will be Summer!

For today's outfit I decided to wear something comfy to lounge around the house with:
Cardigan - Primark, Top, Vest Top, Jeggings, Necklace - H&M, Boots - Zara

Let me know what you've been up to this weekend, I love random chill out weekends.

Speak soon xxx

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Elise McCreary said...

looks delicious!! I crocheted a hat or two but they never came out fitting completely right! good luck with yours!

Phara said...

OMNOM those cupcakes looks so tasty.
Thanks fr yr comment, X

Pretty Things said...

@Elise McCreary - I've sorted of measured mine around my head and its looking slightly on the large side! doh!

@Phara - they were absolutely scrumptious!

Thanks for the comments xxx

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