Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Long Time Coming...

Apologies for the lack of post everyone, I've been rather swamped at work, but not to worry, I have next week off so expect to see more of me around here! :)

Anyway as promised in my last post, here is an update of Abi, Mark and my adventures last weekend... warning - hugely photo heavy post!

The day started when Miss Abi and Mr Mark picked me up from my house, and Mark revealed part of the surprise - we were off to the largest market in London.  It was all very exciting, though as we grew closer to our destination, Wembley, and the huge hustle and bustle of the market, it quickly came apparent this was not our kind of market.  It was filled with knock-off designer handbags, fake MAC make-up, phone covers, curtains and all other kinds of goods, I mean if your into that kind of thing, great, though we were not.

We made sure we wandered down every isle, just to see if there was anything that took our fancy, but unfortunately not, and after all that we all forgot to take a single photo. doh!

Our next destinations was Brick Lane Market - now this was my kind of market, stalls upon stalls filled with hand made clothes and jewellery and racks and racks of vintage clothing.

We chowed down at one of the food stalls and wandered the streets taking an obscene about of photographs, taking in all the sights sounds and smells of the wondrous London market.  After hours of browsing, the stalls started to pack up and the sky began to turn orange we decided to head to Spitafields Market for a drink in Las Iguanas a chain of Latin American restaurants that serve killer cocktails, Abi and I went for a Cherry Fizz (Cherry Brandy, Gin, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and cranberry juice), and Mark went for a Virgin Pina Colada - if you would like to know how to make one of their scrumptious cocktails just click here.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

And here is what I wore for the day, the weather man promised 26°C and he didn't lie, it was such a glorious Summers day, and the perfect chance to finally wear one of my dresses that haven't really had the chance to make an appearance this Summer

Dress & Hair Clip - H&M | Necklace - Primark | Sandals - New Look

Yesterday I also had the day off and Jackie, Abi and myself decided to visit Cambridge for the day - though I'll save that adventure for another time.

What's everyone's plans for this weekend/week?

Speak Soon xxx

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Ria :) said...

i love ur dress, soo cute :) xxx

JennaStevie said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun!! Great photos, glad you had such a good time. I love your dress it's wonderful

Sophie said...

I love Brick Lane Market, just a shame I work Sundays now. It looks just as good as I remember!

Sophie said...

I love Brick Lane Market, just a shame I work Sundays now. It looks just as good as I remember!

Marina said...

I really have to come to London again, so much I didn't see :)

Jacabag said...

Lovely pics, as always, me-shell xxx

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