Wednesday, 26 October 2011

♡ Wednesday Wish List ♡

A great way to get those playful and creative juices flowing, there's so much fun to be had
[via: Amazon]

Who wouldn't want these moustache pillows?
 [via: Urban Outfitters

 Keep snug during the cold nights with the adorable Owl hot water bottle
[via: River Island]

Loving the Autumnal colours of this dress

These boots look perfect for the colder months ahead
[via: Topshop]

Speak Soon xxx
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Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Lovely things! I totally want moustache pillows. I might attempt to make some... can't be too hard, right??

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I want everything! I've loved the moustache pillows for a while, UO have amazing (but expensive) homeware stuff! That dress is pretty nice too, well done Asda! xx

Michelle's Style File said...

The pillows are awesome!


Lydia said...

Mustache pillows!!! Those are so cool. And I also love that journal.

Cait said...

That mustache pillow set is amazing! And I always love a good journal and anything with owls :)

eversojuliet said...

Love the mustache pillows! So cute. x

Anonymous said...

I love the journal! How fun and creative. I may ask for that for Christmas! I also like the dress. I'm always looking for dresses with fun prints.

<3 Rachel

laura♥ said...

I really want those pillows, but I haven't got a double bed <3 I love your blog and I follow you now :)

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