Monday, 25 June 2012

♡ Rainbows and Butterflies ♡

Cardigan & Necklace - Primark | Vest Top, Skirt & large Ring - H&M | Shoes - New Look
Nails - Barry M - Mint Green | Barry M - Grey | Nail Stickers - Ebay seller

I forgot to post any pic's of these lovely nails last week and couldn't let another day go by without showing them off.  I have to say I am rather chuffed with how they turned out as I'm usually pretty impatiant when it comes to nail stickers and I can never wait til they're completely dry so end up pulling all the nail polish off.  However this time I managed to hold off and they came out pretty swanky if I do say so myself, what do you think?

This weekend I spent my time browsing markets, Saturday I spent wandering the packed streets of Portobello Market taking lots of pictures with my vintage lomo-lca which I hope to develop soon and show you lovely folk.  Then on Sunday my Ma and I took a little trip down to Spitafields and Bricklane Markets and I nabbed my self 2 pairs of vintage high-waiste shorts for the bargain price of £26 which again I will be showing off soon.  I've been after a pair for AGES, since last year in fact, but it's quite hard to find the right cut and fit AND ensuring my butt cheeks aren't hanging out the back.  What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Speak Soon xxx

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JennaStevie said...

I love this maxi skirt, the floral detailing along the bottom is so pretty!! I love your nails too, they look so fantastic :)

Ashley said...

Absolutely perfect! From your outfit to your manicure :). Love your style!



Southern (California) Belle

daisychain said...

That skirt is divine! x

Hola Bambi said...

you look gorge xx

Joana said...

I absolutely love your skirt, you have such a cute style :) And just realised you live in London, so I like you even more!

xo Joana

Philippa said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Riley Ellise said...

lovely ring, would love if you could check my giveaway out!

Sadie said...

This skirt is so so so pretty and I love the necklace too :) xx

Laura Holskey Chavous said...

Hi waisted shorts!!! So hard to find in the right cut! Can't wait to see those!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Prettiest. Outfit. EVER!

You look positively magical.

head + heels said...

i love your hair-do. and your nail polish. such a great idea to combine these two colours!

head + heels

Hannah said...

Stunning outfit I love your nails!

Sophie Isobel said...

Your maxi skirt is super pretty! I love your all your rings and nails too :)

The Coattail Effect said...

oh man that outfit is too cute! love the nails too


Anonymous said...

Deearrr, you look so pretty!
I am surely in love with your outfit and of course... your nails and those rings!

Keep the fabulous style coming to the next post!

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia

Anonymous said...

I'm not overally keen on patterned nails, some can look over the top but these are stunning! Good colour combo too!

I really like your skirt, bet it looks glorious in this burst sunny weather too!

Ohhh looking forward to the denim shorts, that is a bargain price!

The Fashion Milkshake said...


Nice nails !
Just stopped by your blog !

Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around !!

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



Yuka said...

loving the nail art!

Kailey said...

Your nails look so so incredible! *_*

Fran Leanne said...

love the nail sticker!!!!


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