Tuesday, 25 September 2012

'Aztec'ing you to town!

Dress - H&M | Belt - off another dress | Rhino Ring - Rokit | Tights & Boots - Primark

Har Har - do you get the title of my post? Aztec-ing you to town? = I is taking you to town? Oh nevermind! :)

So the Summer has said it's goodbyes and now it's on to the completely umpredicable weather of Autumn.  Now I love Autumn in it's ideals, the cool crisp breeze, the wind sweeping your hair and the falling of leaves, but this?  This is a months worth of rain in one day, leaving the house freezing and returning sweaty, sometimes sun, sometimes dark grey skies - not so much fun.  What do you guys think?

I thought I'd keep hold of Summer a little longer by pairing my summer dresses with tights and boots, I'm afraid I just can't let go.  I've also bought my first can of waterproofing spray for my shoes, and I think I've almost killed myself twice with the amount of fumes I've given off!  I haven't had a chance to properly test it out yet though, so fingers crossed - have you guys used it before? Any good?

Sunnies - random market shop on Oxford Street

Speak Soon xxx

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Laila said...

aaah you always have the nicest dresses, this is so lovely!

Laila x

Seeking Style said...


xo Jennifer


Finance For Girls said...

Lovely cross season look, there were actually a couple of rays of sunshine yesterday! x

Finance For Girls said...

Lovely cross season look, there were actually a few rays of sunshine yesterday! xx

Finance For Girls said...

whoops sorry for double sending!

daisychain said...

I am so in love with that dress! xo

{Dust and Swallow} said...

I love your dress! You're so lovely with it! :)

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