Friday, 1 April 2011

Hurly Burly outing...

So this is a little different to my usual posts, but I just wanted to share my awesome Thursday outing with evertone.

I took a little trip to the theatre last night with two of my friends, we had an amazing deal from lastminute for a 2 course meal at FOUNDATION and a ticket to see Hurly Burly for ony £20!  Bargain

The Foundation is a trendy club/restarunt/bar down in Covent Garden with cool decor - like their lego door - but the music was pumping far too loud for 6pm in the evening, but the food was delicious and massive portions

Once nicely stuffed we then waddled our way to see Hurly Burly - a contemporary burlesque show at the Garrick Theatre.   To our amazement when we arrived our seats were upgraded from the upper circle to the stalls about 10 rows from the front - fantastic!

The show was truely fantastic and funny to boot, with Miss Polly Rae leading her gaggle of Hurly Burly girls in song and dance.  The performances were glamourous, sexy, cheeky and very camp.  I loved all the music with a burlesque twist on common pop songs like Bad Romance and Umberella. 

Though it's not for the faint hearted I highly recommend going to see it if your in London, it's sexy, its saucy and will have you in stitches.

What has everyone else been up to this week?

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blorange dice said...

ooo, sounds fun! those costumes are awesome. i want to go see a show now!!

Lydz xX said...

it does really sound like fun...any photos? for me been a great week. lots of hangs and chill times with all my fav people. have a good weekend!
Lydz xX

Hadas -I am your fashion mannequin said...

thanks for the comment! i love your blog, we can follow each other if you want (: xoxo

hollie said...

Oh this show looks like so much fun! I bet you had a great time!

Thanks for the comment on my "Yellow" post on my blog recently, I think my favourite may also have been the KitchenAid Mixer too.


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