Friday, 2 September 2011

Punting in the Rain

Here are some pictures from Abi, Jackie and my trip to Cambridge last Friday.  It wasn't the best day to go as the weather was gloomy and rainy, but we had it planned for a while so decided to go anyway.

We had so much fun - scoffing scones at Auntie's, sipping giant hot chocolates, guzzling fruit cider, rummaging through the haberdashery section of John Lewis, not to mention taking in the glorious and historic sights of Cambridge and it's Colleges.  We also decided to partake in one of Cambridge's traditions - punting down the river, turns out the sellers do not like you asking around for better deals - we almost got caught up in an argy bargy! 

Typically when the time came to go punting the heavens had opened and it was raining, we decided to push on and go punting anyway.  Our poor guide was drenched through and through, our seats were soggy which meant soggy bums, and not many photo's were taken due to the rain.  It was still so much fun and by the end of the tour the sun came out to play and it was really warm, though we all had wet patch bums for the remainder of the day.

Before we went home we stopped off in Bill's the most colourful and cosy cafe/store I've been to.  The main menu was desserts only, though they have boards up with a small selection lunch and dinner courses, the walls were stuffed full pretty looking jams, colourful and cute packaged juices and many more beautiful looking condiments - I highly recommend you take a visit if there is a Bill's near you.

I definitely went dressed for the weather:

Cardigan - Vintage/Ebay | Top - H&M | Skirt - Joy | Necklace - Accessorize | Tights, Ring & Boots - Primark

My chunky knit cardigan kept me nice and warm - I'm kinda glad I can start wearing them again, though very sad the Summer seems to have come and gone in a blink of an eye.  In my bag I also had a rain mac and umbrella so stayed reasonably dry for the day except for my toes and butt!  

Has anyone else been on any recent adventures?

Speak Soon xxx

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The Annachrist said...

lovely ombre hair!

Porcelain complexion said...

Sounds like a great day out, even if the weather was a bit rubbish!

Love this look, the denim skirt & floral top are super cute and your cardi looks so snuggly & arm!!

I've just found your blog & become a follower xo

P.s Your ombre hair looks amazing on you <3

Cosmia said...

Very cosy, I love the Aran cardie.

Mary said...

Hi lovely,
such a lovely pics!
I just found your blog,it's so cute!I added to your followers!Follow back?:)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You wear pretty nice shoes..... Really like your blog...


deppa said...

You really had lots of fun and is nice to read it :)

Pretty outfit and thanks for your comment, now I'm your new follower :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Your ombre hair are amazing!!!And love your cardigan!

Charlotte Mercer said...

Cool blog, love your ombre hair, it's so in right now :)

Adele said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your day out in Cambridge sounds perfect despite the gloomy weather we've been having. Stop by & see me again soon xoxo

Laura said...

Great outfit! Thanks for giving me inspiration for tomorrows outfit ;)

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

Lovely chambray skirt! Regarless of the weather, it sounded like a great time! There is really nothing like cider to help make crappy weather not so bad.

Temporary:Secretary said...

I much prefer summer, i'm not so good with cold weather. But have seen so many people saying that they love autumn winter - I'm so surprised. I love the chunky knits though - i need to get myself some nice cosy cardi's like that! xxx

Mariagrazia C. said...

Wow! So lovely blog! It's really stylish!! I'm following! Hope you can also visit and follow my blog! Mary

Raquel C. said...

Nice blog **

nurseybeau said...

what a lovely day that sounds :)
i feel i need a recent adventure, it would be good for the soul!
with love

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