Sunday, 15 April 2012

♡ Foody Delights ♡

 I don't know about you lot but my Sunday's almost are always centered around food, be it a mouthwatering Sunday Roast, scrummy cupcakes, or a good ol' fry up in a local cafe.  My brother is a dab hand in the kitchen and he is a rather marvelous baker, this is especially great on a Sunday where he has all the time in the world and therefore usually ends up making quite a few delicious creations.  I was so glad to come home to discover a huge lamb roast followed by a large cream sponge cake and lots of yummy gooey lemon meringue cupcakes - I'm trying to convince him to start up a blog with all his yummy creations but he's not keen on sharing his secrets with the world just yet.

Here's a quick and easy recipe on how to make your own lemon curd, perfect for cakes or on toast! (thanks Delia)

grated zest and juice 4 large juicy lemons
4 large eggs
12 oz (350 g) golden caster sugar
8 oz (225 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into small lumps
1 level dessertspoon cornflour 

Begin by lightly whisking the eggs in a medium-sized saucepan, then add the rest of the ingredients and place the saucepan over a medium heat. Now whisk continuously using a balloon whisk until the mixture thickens – about 7-8 minutes. Next, lower the heat to its minimum setting and let the curd gently simmer for a further minute, continuing to whisk. After that, remove it from the heat. Now pour the lemon curd into the hot, sterilised jars, filling them as full as possible, cover straightaway with waxed discs, seal while it is still hot and label when it is cold. It will keep for several weeks, but it must be stored in a cool place.

What do you guys think of this foody post?  Want to see more like this?

Speak Soon xxx
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Sadie said...

I bought all the ingredients yesterday to make the lemon meringue cupcakes in the hummingbird bakery book, hope mine turn out half as good as these. They look yummy :) xx

Clara Turbay said...

Good taste and grace for the fashion.

Beatrice Balaj said...

Yummy!! Looks so delicious!
I want some right now :)


daisychain said...

oh man, I could eat this entire thing right now!

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