Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Silver Surfer

 Nail Polish - Barry M, Instant Affects Foil - Silver Foil | RH Amber Ring - Ireland | LH Amber Ring - Portobello Market

I have been hunting for AGES for a decent silver or gold nail polish that is... well ... silver or gold.  I find most of these polishes have more of a brown or grey tint and not really 'silver'.  But hooray for Barry M - their Foil Affects range is simply amazaballs, the polish is nice and shiny and doesn't streak at all - PERFECT!  Have you guys checked these out yet?

Top - Topshop | Skirt - H&M | Tights - Primark | Shoes - New Look

I know this is a rather summery outfit yet the weather is anything but hot over here in London, which I'm totally sick off, ever since I got back from Malaysia it feels like I don't have any Winter clothes in my wardrobe - which is not the case, I think it's more to do with I want to be back in 32°C heat!  But fear not, I didn't go wandering around in just this outfit, I still had my big lambskin coat on.  I've also found I've been wearing my hair up loads recently because of the wind and rain, it's hard enough walking around with an umbrella let alone being blinded by my own hair!  This is currently my favourite way to wear my hair at the moment, scrunched up into a random mess- easy peasy!

How about you guys?  How have you been coping with the glooming weather here in the UK?

Speak Soon xxx
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Lilith said...

Great nail color. And I really love your skirt
Following, and looking forward to future posts! By the way I'm hosting a contest so definitely check it out, one more day to enter!!! http://tinyurl.com/lilithscontest

t said...

Nice nail colour!


Sadie said...

I have the gold foil effects and it's such a gorgeous colour too. You hair looks nice like that, mine's too fine to ever do messy well :) xx

Akiko said...

Such pretty nail colors! and your skirt is so lovely :) xo akiko
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Eloise said...

Lovely nail colour and your outfit is so cute! I had this top in blue but it got lost when I moved house : ( gutted because I love the frills on the sleeves


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