Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I just called to say....

Hello Guys and Dolls, just a quick outfit post from me today as I am totally slammed at work and haven't been getting home until late into the evening - but fear not the end is nigh and the result will be worth it :)

I also just have to mention how much I love the pattern on these tights and cute ruffle shoulder of the top - what do you guys think?

Top & Ring - H&M, Skirt - JOY, Tights - River Island, Necklace & Shoes - Primark

So as mentioned before, I've been a real busy bee lately with no time for anything, so today I just rolled my hair up into this simple but cute up do - for full tutorial have a look HERE

Also because the weather has changed so much recently the mac is Back!

I'll be back to normal soon - and with the 100th follower in sight I have a great surprise for you guys so keep your eyes peeled.

Speak Soon xxx
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Oh! What about this? said...

Love the shoes and ring, great style!

UyenCao said...

the hair in that first photo is amazing! and CUUUUTE outfit! Love your shoes. Checkout my blog and if you like what you see, follow(: I'll follow you back!


xoxo uyen

Jo said...

I love the pattern on the tights - wonderful! And I adore your hair! I'm so glad you posted a photograph of the back! It looks amazing!


The doll on fashion said...

Love the top hair roll, its amazing!

Thanks for your commments!

The doll on fashion

Lydz xX said...

im sorry but the way you dress just makes me happy. the jacket is amazing :)

Lydz xX

Amanda said...

Omg I love the way u did your hair and Love the whole post =) ... U were wondering about my skirt and where is it from.. First all thank you for all your lovely comments u are so sweet... the skirt is actually from H&M =)

chrysa said...


I love your vintage - inspired outfits!:) I have already become a follower:):)
I would really appreciate it if you checked my blog:


and even become a follower if you wish:)

Thank you in advance:)


Hannah said...

love your outfit and the little montage at the beginning of the post. The different colours in your hair look fab and I have that hare ring too, so cute =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I adore your hair!

BLahblah Abi said...

u look really pretty in the pic where you're wearing your mac :)

Raspberry said...

Cute blog you have! Thanks for your lovely comment! XO Raspberry & Rouge


KaNini's said...

This look is so lovely! You look so pretty! Great skirt and necklace! :)

Anonymous said...

love the necklace!

WENDY said...

And I just write in to say gorgeous hair, necklace and trenchies :)
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog!


WENDY said...

And I'm using a Nikon D5000 plus Adobe Photoshop to edit all my pictures :)


Sophie said...

Your hair looks absolutely lovely (:


Fashiable said...

Beautiful necklace!


Nikki said...

You look super ^^ love the necklace! x

laura said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Love your hair and amazing necklace. kisses from milano

Bella said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! You look amazing! Love whole your outfit!! :)


Nora. said...

I love this so much and you have the CUTEST jewellery!!



JennaStevie said...

Your hair looks soooo great here!! I love the rabbit ring and your pretty skirt. Gorgeous, congrats on having 100!

ps said...

love the look of ur hair(from back),very nice


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