Monday, 24 January 2011

New Week, New Purchase....

So I've been experimenting a little more with my poses and my locations so let me know what you think.

As promised here is just one of my purchases, this lovely little chiffon waterfall cardigan. I think its so fab (I bought another one in different colour) and it really adds to the outfit:

Cardigan - Primark, Top, Jeggings and Necklaces - H&M, Boots - Urban Outfitters

I don't know if any other London folk have noticed but it's started to get really chilly again outside.  I quite like the cold, that is as long as I am wrapped up nice and warm, and as you can see below I really do wrap up:

Scarf and double gloves - H&M, Duffle Coat and Bag - Topshop

Let me know what you guys think!
Speak soon xxx
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Loes said...

haha yeah that's true (;
i love your cardigan, really cute!

Pretty Things said...

Thanks Loes!


Samantha said...

Cute outfit!


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