Monday, 3 January 2011

Yum Yum Yum...Food in my Tum

As promised, here are pics of my delicious meal!  It was so scrumptious, and my belly is about to pop!

We had lots of yummy delights - crispy chilli beef, aromatic duck and pancakes, char sui (bbq pork), siu youk (crispy belly pork), clay pot with aubergine and pork mice meat, Gold Mine Special King Prawns (king prawns with crispy egg)

But my favourite of them all has to be.... fresh steamed scallops with garlic and spring onion and soy sauce and chilli to drizzle over.... mmmmm

I had 4! I just couldn't resist, it was so good!

Let me know what your favourite delicious dish is when you dine out, and where to find it.

Speak soon x 

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1 comment:

jessica wu said...

oh man that sounds and looks yummy :0


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