Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring Clean...

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but Boots have a 3for2 offer on all skincare products! AMAZING! So I decided to spring clean my current routine as I seem to be breaking out at the moment - I think it's because my current cleanser is just too astringent - I was using Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser as I can no longer find the Witch Cleanser (they only do the face washes - Boo!) 

I have combination skin though I have a VERY oily Tzone and my cheeks aren't all that dry, and I find a lot of cleansers for combination/oily skin type either break me out or suck every inch of moisture from my face.  Also I've read so many good reviews on the following products and the packaging was so cute AND the price was perfect (around £2.30 each):

Left: Boots Traditional Skin Care - Gycerin and Rosewater Toner and Moisturiser, Right: Boots Traditional Skin Care - Cold Cream.

I was going to use the Toner in the mornings instead of my No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner (that's all I use in the morning with Simple Moisturiser), but after reading reviews and giving it a quick test run it is rather tacky on the skin, so I decided to use it as at night after cleansing with either my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Cleanser or my newly purchased Cold Cream - though I haven't tested this yet.

The Toner - though I've only used it the once, leaves your skin perfectly smooth and it feels squeaky clean - though slightly sticky.  I know its also supposed to be a moisturiser but I still choose to apply my Simple Night Cream afterwards.  So so far thumbs up from me on this toner and I shall report back about the cold cream and my new regime in a little while.

Let me know what you fav products are and cleaning regime is? Also what skin type you have.

PS I'll post my outfits I've been wearing this week tomorrow - with some of my newly purchase Primark items included!

PPS  Just a wee update - I got my mother a Voucher for the rather lush Beauty Rooms just down the road for her Bday

Speak Soon xxx
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1 comment:

Louder than Silence said...

Oh my, I want to buy these just for the cute packaging! For a couple of quid you can't really go wrong, can you? ;) Sally x

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