Monday, 21 March 2011

A splash of colour...♥ promised here are my two little bags I made on Sunday.

The first one is a simple draw string bag which took me a whole 20mins to make - I'm still new to this sewing machine business so my lines are not straight at all! it's so cute and can be used for anything from laundry to potpourri holders.  I made mine (slightly too big) to hold one of my plastic camera's so it doesn't get completely destroyed in my bag.  I then decided to be a little more adventurous and attempt this cute little envelope bag.  It was more complicated than I expected with my material slipping around and my knack of not being able to sew straight, but not too shabby for my first attempt I'd say - I also got a little help from my Mumma sewing the elastic on, but hey!  What do you guys think?

I also got a little creative on my nails too and gave the marble nails another crack:

Barry M - Base & Top Caot, Grey, Bluberry & Cobalt Blue

They're by no means perfect but I quite like them, and using room temprature water was a big help.

For today's outfit, I had to dust off my favourite pair of boots from last spring and they are just so cute and vibrant but unfortunately falling apart sadly :(

Cardigain, Vest Top, Jeggings & Boots - H&M, Top - Primark, Neclace - Aldo

My outfit today makes me feel so happy because it's so bright and fun, it really does lift my mood and feel like I'm embracing Spring :)  For my hair I simply scrunched it to the back of my head and clipped it with a round crocodile clip and pinned it into place with lots of pins including a cut bow detail one.

Let me know what clothes and things you are doing to welcome the warmer weather?

Speak Soon xxx
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Enamodeuse said...

How did you do that nailpolish!? It´s amazing!:)

Hillary said...

how did you make your nails look like that? it's an awesome twist on just a solid color!

Camilla. said...

that nail polish is awesome

xx Camilla

j. said...

nice shoes :)

Liana said...

i have those same shoes in black! i didnt know they had them in red, i totally would've gotten them!

Fashion Bag 411

Dorota said...

Your blog is realy great!

Amelia said...

love the marble nails! a friend on mine said she would teach me one of these days. :)

Pretty Things said...

thanks guys, the marble nails are reasonably easy to do, but quite messy, I've posted my attempt on my sisters nails here:

or you just type in marble nails in youtube and there are loads of results.


Becky-May said...

Your nails are so so cool! I love them :)

The Flower Girl

Anonymous said...

How do you do your nails ? It's amazing !! :-)
Actually, home-made hair color is dangerous... I tried to be red but my hair turned to pink -_-'
What happenend to yours ?

Jahn 'n Style said...

wow! u made those bags? cute :):)

love your shoes...they are interesting :)

Pau Villafuerte said...

Hi! Just recently bumped into your blog. :) Wow pretty things indeed!! Keep em comin!

hope you could check it out and follow as well :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i heart the green bag!w

jamie-lee said...

wow those little bags you made are so cute, and i love your red shoes x

Anonymous said...

awesome nails.
follow if you like, I'll do the same.

Jean-Jean said...

the bags are amazing, the second one is my favorite! and your nails looks aweasome. and those shoes are gorgeous. i love your blog!

now following :D

Marloes. said...

I love the nails!

S. said...

thanks for the lovely comment! love those bags!

jessica january said...

the marble nails look really cool. i've got to try that!

january, x

ankyl said...

thanks for comment!! :)
nice outfit!

follow? :)

Vittoria Ciccone said...

I ♥ your style of clothing ;)

Tailored Beginnings said...

the nail varnish looks amazing!

for the warmer weather I am definately reaching deep into my wardrobe for anything brightly coloured and hopefully unmatching!

also bright shoes are a MUST!!
love the blog :)

check out ours

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